Who Am I?

The year was 2011, and I was frustrated; living in the big mean city was wearing me down. I have lived in Toronto, Ontario for almost 13 unlucky years. I’d moved to the city to pursue my dream of being a movie star. I wanted all the glitz and glamour of the ole’timey movies I had grown up watching. I wanted so desperately to be a part of their world. A world with rules, a formula and beauty. It was then that the realization that I may never be Marilyn Monroe was finally sinking in, and I was angry. I mean, I was working my way through all 7 stages of grief, but at the time I was angry. So, in need of an open-ended conversation with the universe and safe place for me to express my grievances, I turned to the internet.

It was in those dark moments that I started my blog Melicious Manners. When I launched Melicious Manners, it was a daily blog (5 days/week) with a unique take on the minutia of the daily grind. What happened next was surprising. The negativity was dispelled. My blog morphed into something better, brighter. It became a daily dose of optimism, opinion and, wait for it, ETIQUETTE! In my pursuit of expressing myself, I had stumbled upon something: my true calling. Fast-forward to today and I have been blogging for over 3 years. I have followers, dedicated readers who learn and laugh with me. I have a grasp on my reality, though I tend to skew towards all that glitters. I have found my voice. I’m at home on the internet.

It wasn’t until a dear friend and my trusted business consultant suggested that I start investing in my opinions, that I saw what I did naturally was lacking in the world around me. I began collecting the credentials that would qualify me to give advice. I started to take courses, earn certificates and become the etiquette expert I was pretending to be. It took gusto, but I did it. I became voracious in my exploration of all things polite. I majored as an etiquette expert, with a minor in organization. I completed my training in October 2014. It was then that Melicious Manners, became Polite Company.

Polite Company is based in all things etiquette. It is a set of principles that were developed to maintain the self, while celebrating the big picture. It is a smile on those grey days. It is holding the door for a stranger. It is laughter.

I am continually learning; taking courses and expanding my knowledge. Today, I am ready to start sharing my insight with an unkind world. I know it will take work to change so many broken people and strength not to give up on them. But it is that ‘Good Fight” I keep hearing about. The fight we fight together, for a brighter tomorrow. The year is 2014, and I may not be the glamorous and glitzy ideal a much younger me wanted to be, but somehow I think this could be better. At least it’s more ME. Hi, I’m Melissa, and I am learning to be a better person. And I’m delighted to share my journey with you.


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