I’ve Discovered The Cure For FOMO!

Okay guys, lean in close to learn the best kept secret on the internet. After many years of scrolling, refreshing, double booking, hrumphing, wishing I was having all the fun that everyone else was having, oh abs scientific exploration; I have finally discovered the cure to FOMO!

For those of you who don’t suffer from FOMO (the fear of missing out), how lucky for you! FOMO is the inability to be in the moment where we are, for fear of missing something “better” elsewhere. This epidemic has run rampant through our iPhones and Androids. We have been dragged into the world of perpetual possibility, yet there’s a constant nag, as though we’ve made the wrong choice. Take for instance New Year’s Eve and the endless pursuit of the best party. Most of the night is spent traveling from one party to another, in search of the perfect place to be; which leads to actually missing out. Ever the paradox. So, how do you cure such a disease?

Here we go, the cure for FOMO is: Having the best time, wherever you are. If you are having a great time, you won’t feel like you’re missing out. It’s impossible. I know this can be tough, but you could already be at ‘the’ place doing ‘the thing’ others wish they weren’t missing out on and not even know it. You’re M-ing-O on what you FOMOed! Whoa, mind blown! Wait does that make sense? It must, somehow.

People, the real lesson here is one of awareness. Nobody can predict where the best time will appear, but, if you are trying to have a good, scratch that, great time, every time, you won’t miss out on anything! You will be the MOed event du jour for those who aren’t around you. And isn’t that what we’re hoping for anyways, to be part of the fun?!? I mean, have fun, always. Don’t miss out on your own life by wishing you were somewhere else. You are exactly where you are, and you’re not missing a thing. Also, maybe you should share this blog post, so no one else misses out. 😉


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