The Foibles Of Little Miss Fix-it

My whole life I’ve been a fixer. I am that person who knows where to find the broom. I have the pump that saves your bike ride. People rely on me to fix whatever has gone wrong, when it goes wrong. And boy oh boy, do I love this job! I relish the ability to shift a situation from dastardly to ecstasy! There is one thing I can’t fix, but darn it, if I can’t stop trying. That thing: People.

Recently, I was reminded, I have no control over others. We all feel pain, despair, heartache, and though I keep trying to fix all of it, I can’t. I grasp desperately for a magical wand to heal everything, trying to force a fix. And that’s where I get myself into more trouble ‘trying to help’ than if I’d just followed my own etiquette advice. Oh, and what is that you ask? Here goes: Everyone is working really hard, trying to ‘fix’ themselves, they don’t need my ‘help’, they need my support.

Support is one of the best gifts you can give your relationships. The admission that the decisions of friends and family are the best thing for them. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep your mouth shut. It was hard for me to admit they might know better than I, how to live their lives. But I realized, I still love them, wether I agree with their opinion or not; and it wasn’t up to me to fix their lives. Unless, of course it’s a terrible haircut, or their fly is down, I’ll fix those things. So, join me in supporting the decisions of your loved ones, and try -I emphasize- TRY not to tell them what’s the best fix for them or be a Ms. Bossy-pants, cuz honesty, nobody likes a know it all. Trust me;)


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