Happy #ReNEWal Year!

It’s that special time of year when well intentioned folks overwhelm themselves with unrealistic expectations of a complete life overhaul. I have found myself in this situation oh, so many times before. I have promised myself a whole new body, a whole new life, major changes, this would be my year, and it would start today! I’ve done this year after year, over and over again, I’ve vowed to become this ideal version of myself, overnight. And guess what, I’ve failed every year. So, this year I’ve resolved to shift my perspective, and think of it as a #ReNEWalYear !

So, what’s a #ReNEWalYear ? Well, here goes: A ReNEWal Year isn’t about change, it’s about improvement. Let’s face it, change is scary and hard. To poise yourself for failure by setting unrealistic goals benefits no one. Instead a ReNEWal Year implements subtle changes, integrated over time. By simply setting and achieving attainable goals, you will gain the motivation and momentum to take those oh so tempting drastic actions…eventually. My theory is to build on the foundations that have been laid and encourage yourself to work up to those big ‘resolutions’.

In mere hours, we will bid adieu to 2014, and welcome 2015! And I couldn’t be more excited. In the past weeks, I have reflected on all the growth and challenges I’ve faced this year. But I have also created a series of goals for the coming months, some small ones, and some fever-dream sized. I look forward to taking small balanced steps towards my goals, instead of leaping without looking. I hope my ReNEWal Year is one of progress, etiquette, optimism, organization and enthusiasm. Thank you for joining my Army of Nice! And I will see you next year… Bah, that joke never gets old.


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